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Welcome to Mountain Gap Inn. A rustic village resort found on the Annapolis Basin, near Digby in Smith’s Cove, Nova Scotia.


Here you will find the charm of an old village situated on approximately 40 acres of land. Mountain Gap Inn sits on the Tidal Annapolis Basin with a perfect view of the Gap (called Digby Gut) from which it received its name. The property has a total of 99 rooms that vary based on your needs, from standard motel units, poolside units, cabins, cottages, to executive suites.


Mountain Gap Inn can provide for you and your family’s needs. Enjoy the natural beauty of the grounds. Discover what the Digby area has to offer. Visit Mountain Gap Inn.




• Economy motel rooms

• Poolside motel rooms

• Executive Suites

• Family Suites

• Single Cottages

• Cottage Complex Rooms

• Deluxe Cabin


• Conference Rooms

• Chapel

• Restaurant

• Outdoor Swimming Pool

• Children's Playground

• Tidal Beach Access

• Bonfire Areas

• Walking Trail

• Rec Area


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